Scientific Facilities


Cryo EM Lab

The new cryoEM lab at NTU for imaging biological samples was set up to support research at LKCM and the School of Biological Sciences. The applications include single particle analysis of purified proteins and viruses, electron tomography of cell sections, bacteria and tissue samples, and using novel labeling techniques to image proteins inside the cell, and in isolation.


Two state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes have been installed called the T12 Icor and the Arctica Fei company. The Arctica is a dedicated research instrument for high-resolution data collection. It is equipped with the latest technical advances in the field, including a camera for movie-mode imaging (direct electron detector), contrast enhancement of biological samples (phase plates), high-throughput sample loading (autoloader for up to 12 samples) and software for automatic data collection. The second microscope, the T12 ICor is an integrated fluorescence and EM microscope used for correlative imaging, screening cell sections and teaching.