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SPMS lab tour

Hosting SPMS students for a lab tour

20th Jan 2020


SPMS students learning about biophysics were given the opportunity to get up-close and personal with machines that make structural biology possible. At NISB, we provide platforms that encompass all structural biology methods, including X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM and NMR. These facilities are housed in EMB, FACTS and SPMS respectively. The students were given an introduction to the platforms as they toured the facilities.



The main lab of NISB houses biophysical platforms such as MALS and ITC, and the X-ray crystallography suite, which consists of the Mosquito, Gryphon, Rock Imager and an X-ray facility. The facilities here allow protein crystallography to be conducted, from screening crystallization conditions all the way to crystal data collection


Besides protein stuctures, the SEM platforms such as the Aquilos at the EM lab in the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) can be used to perform tomography on cells or tissue slices to observe cellular structure in situ. On top of SEM microscopes, the lab here also houses the T12 TEM, which can be used for negative stain screening of protein grids. Most importantly, the Vitribots used for cryo-EM grid preparation can be found here.


FACTS plays host to our two giants: the Artica and Titan Krios. These two Cryo-TEM microscopes allow high-resolution images of proteins to be taken. To speed up the rate of data collection, the microscopes also feature an auto loader to allow collection of multiple grids automatically. The Artica, Titan Krios, together with the EM facilities at SBS make up the core of our EM platform.