2020 Publications


Rajan S., Jang Y., Kim C.H., Kim W., Toh H.T., Jeon J., Song B., Serra A., Lescar J., Yoo J.Y., Beldar S., Ye H., Kang C., Liu X.W., Feitosa M., Kim Y., Hwang D., Goh G., Lim K.L., Park H.M., Lee C.H., Oh S.F., Petsko G.A., Yoon H.S., Kim K.S. 

PGE1 and PGA1 bind to Nurr1 and activate its transcriptional function. 

Nature Chemical Biology, 25 May 2020; doi: 10.1038/s41589-020-0553-6. 


Tan, D.J.Y., Das, P., Winnerdy, F.R., Lim, K.W. & Phan, A.T.

Guanine anchoring: a strategy for specific targeting of a G-quadruplex using short PNA, LNA and DNA molecules.

Chem Communications, 27 Apr 2020; doi: 10.1039/d0cc01778g



Chew, B.L.A., Tanoto, F.R. & Luo, D. 

LC-MS assay targeting the mycobacterial indirect aminoacylation pathway uncovers glutaminase activities of the non-discriminating aspartyl-synthetase. 

FEBS Letters, 12 Apr 2020; doi: 10.1002/1873-3468.13786



Soman, A., Liew, C.W., Teo, H.L., Berezhnoy. N.V., Olieric, V., Korolev, N., Rhdoes, D. &  Nordenskiold, L. 

The human telomeric nucleosome displays distinct structural and dynamic properties. 

Nucleic Acid Research, 9 Apr 2020; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa289



Huoh, Y.S., Wu, B., Park, S., Yang, D., Bansal, K., Greenwald, E., Wong, W.P., Mathis, D. & Hur, S.

Dual functions of Aire CARD multimerization in the transcriptional regulation of T cell tolerance. 

Nature Communications, 2 Apr 2020; doi:



He, Q., Toh, J.D., Ero, R., Qiao, Z., Kumar, V., Serra, A., Tan, J., Sze, S.K. & Gao, Y.G.

The unusual di-domain structure of Dunaliella salina glycerol-3-phosphatedehydrogenase enables direct conversion of dihydroxyacetone phosphate toglycerol. 

The Plant Journal, Apr 2020; doi: 10.1111/tpj.14619. 


Traczyk, A., Liew, C.W., Gill, D.J. & Rhodes, D.

Structural basis of G-quadruplex DNA recognition by the yeast telomeric protein Rap1. 

Nucleic Acids Research, 18 Mar 2020; doi:



Quek, J. P., Liu, S., Zhang, Z., Li, Y., Ng, E. Y., Loh, Y. R., Hung. A.W., Luo, D. & Kang, C. 

Identification and structural characterization of small molecule fragments targeting Zika virus NS2B-NS3 protease. 

Antiviral Research, Mar 2020; doi:



Maity, A., Winnerdy, F.R., Chang, W.D., Chen, G. & Phan, A.T.

Intra-locked G-quadruplex structures formed by irregular DNA G-rich motifs.

Nucleic Acids Research, 26 Feb 2020; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa008



Ngo, K.H., Yang, R., Das, P., Nguyen, G.K.T., Lim, K.W., Tam, J.P., Wu, B. & Phan, A.T. 

Cyclization of a G4-specific peptide enhances its stability and G-quadruplex binding affinity. 

Chem Communications, 2 Jan 2020; doi: 10.1039/c9cc06748e.



Phoo, W.W., El Sahili, A., Zhang, Z., Chen, M.W., Liew, C.W., Lescar, J., Vasudevan, S.G. & Luo, D.

Crystal structures of full length DENV4 NS2B-NS3 reveal the dynamic interaction between NS2B and NS3 upon binding to protease inhibitors. 

bioRxiv, 1 Jan 2020; doi:



Heymann, D., Mohanram, H., Kumar, A., Verma, C. S., Lescar, J., & Miserez, A. 

Structure of a consensus chitin-binding domain revealed by solution NMR. 

bioRxiv, 1 Jan 2020; doi:



Tsai, Y. C. C., Ye, F., Liew, L., Liu, D., Bhushan, S., Gao, Y. G., & Mueller-Cajar, O. 

Insights into the mechanism and regulation of the CbbQO-type Rubisco activase, a MoxR AAA+ ATPase. 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Jan 2020; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1911123117



Sharma, D., De Falco, L., Padavattan, S., Rao, C., Geifman-Shochat, S., Liu, C.F. & Davey, C.A. 

PARP1 exhibits enhanced association and catalytic efficiency with γH2A.X-nucleosome.

Nature Communications, 17 Dec 2019; doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-13641-0.