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Welcome to NISB Biophysical Platform


​​The NISB Biophysical laboratory is one of the newly set-up research platform in NISB, run by an expertise from NISB research group.

Biophysics is an inter-disciplinary science that applies principles and methods of physics to elucidate the biological systems. Biophysical techniques are powerful tool and capable to contribute to all areas of structural biology from expression and purification to high resolution structure. Importantly, it allows to probe interactions and biology from single molecules to whole complex cells. 

The NISB Biophysics laboratory is equipped with a range of biophysical instruments. To assist researchers on their routine measurement, the NISB Biophysics laboratoryteam provides training and support. For further details, please contact Dr. Liew Chong Wai and Dr. Teo Hsiang Ling.

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