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Size Exclusion Chromatography – Multi-Angle Light Scattering: Shimadzu – HELEOS II – Optilab T-rEX (Shimadzu-Wyatt)


SEC-MALS, size exclusion chromatography conjunctionally used with Multi-Angle Light Scattering analysis, is an absolute technique for determining molar mass and rms radius rg in solution. It capable to characterize polymer (heterogenic and synthetic), protein oligomers and aggregates, and conjugates.

The SEC-MALS system in NISB comprises of HPLC system coupled with UV and fluorescence detector (Shimadzu), Dawn Heleos II Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector (Wyatt) and Optilab T-rEX refractive index detector (Wyatt). Two types of size exclusion chromatography column, S200 10/300 increase (GE) and S200
5/150GL (GE), are used for the purpose.

If you are interested in using the equipment or require assistant and training, please kindly contact Dr. Surya Wahyu ( and Dr. Liew Chong Wai (