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X-ray diffraction system



Rigaku FR-X is an ultra high-intensity microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator that designed to be utilized in structural biology and provides highest usable X-ray flux (20% more) available for researcher. It provides brightness exceeding some second generation bending magnet synchrotron beamlines. For further information about Rigaku FR-X, please refer to the specification sheet.


The most accurate way of measuring X-ray diffraction data is to directly detect X-ray photons. The PILATUS3 R 300K, manufactured by DECTRIS, is one of the most advance Hybrid Pixel Array Detectors (HPADs) that perform direct detection of X-ray photon. Single-photon counting eliminates all detector noise and delivers superior data. Plus, the absence of readout noise and dark currents has become a strong benefit when collecting data with a home source. For more detail, please refer to the specification sheet.

If you are interested in using the X-ray diffraction system, please kindly contact Dr. Liew Chong Wai ( New user must undergo a training prior using the equipment.

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