NISB Safety


Safety Policy

NISB Safety Policy​

NTU Institute of Structural Biology (NISB) in recognizing its corporate responsibility commits to take all reasonably practicable means to provide safe and healthy environment to all staff, partners, students and visitors. NISB further commits to strive for progress with consideration to environment sustainability.

  • Comply with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) legislations in Singapore and formulate other relevant HSE policies to fulfill the policy;
  • Establish, implement and maintain a Safety Management System in line with the University's HSE policy;
  • Communicate requirements (as defined in HSE management system) to staff, students, partners and visitors;
  • Develop and implement a Risk Management System;
  • Provide appropriate HSE training, information and supervision for faculty, staff and students to work safely and reduce potential risks at source;
  • Measure and evaluate HSE performance regularly so as to achieve continual improvement;
  • Report and investigate promptly all incidents and accidents to determine the root cause(s) and take appropariate actions to prevent recurrence; and
  • Improve and continually review infrastructural facilities and research projects to address HSE risks particularly before their commencement;
  • Provide appropriate resources to achieve these objectives.