NISB Safety


Safety Training

NISB Safety Committee seeks full co-operation from all users to adhere to all the safety precaution measures and administrative procedures implemented so as to safeguard one’s health and safety, as well as others.


All staff and students shall adhere to the training requirement specified in the NISB safety training matrix. Safety induction is mandatory for all new staff and students. Core training courses are compulsory. Specific training courses are required based on research work activities carried out by the individual staff or student. Supervisors shall evaluate the training needs for their staff and students.


NISB recognizes the importance of safety training for our staff and has listed the compulsory courses for all NISB lab users to complete before proceeding with any work activities. All staff and students are required to complete the safety courses by the first month of employment or attachment.

The safety training courses can be accessed as follow:

  1. ​Login to NTU-Learn​ with your own username & password.
  2. Click on "Courses", followed by "Safety Training Topics" according to an area of work.
  3. To capture all completed training courses, click on Stafflink > Learning & Development Services > Safety Training Management System > Safety Course Records > View/Print My Training Records. Key in the duration required and click Process.

The compulsory courses for all NISB lab users are listed below:

​Course Code Name of Course​​​
​OHS2SIL01  NTU Safety Induction for ​Laboratory Use​rs​​​​​​
​OHS2FIS01 ​Fire Safety in NTU
​OHS2ELS01 Electrical Safety​
​O​HS2STF01 ​Slip, Trip & Fall
OHS2MAH01 ​Manual Liftinga
OHS2FEB01 ​Use of Fire Extinguisher
​OHS2WOE01 ​Workstation/Office Ergonomics
OHS2SIG01 Understanding Signage from SS5508
The compulsory courses are listed below for all NISB lab users who will need to conduct risk assessment and work with bio-agents, chemicals and gas cylinders:

Course Code ​Name of Course
​Basic Biosafety Training Course: Module 1​
​OHS2BBP01 ​Basic Biosafety Training Course: Module 2​
​Basic Guide for Handling Chemicals​
​OHS2GHS02 ​Understanding GHS
​Understanding SDS
​OHS2FUC01​ ​​Fume Cupboard
​Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders
​Risk Management: Introduction
​OHS2RMR01 ​Risk Management: Legal Requirements
​Risk Management: Doing Risk Assessment​
​OHS​2RMC01 ​Risk Management: Risk Control Measures

The compulsory courses are listed below for all NISB lab users who will work with ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, and usage of hydrofluoric acid.

Course Code ​Name of Co​urse
​Ionizing Radiation: Introduction to IR and Local Regulation
OHS2IRM01​ ​Ionizing Radiation: Hazards and Monitoring
Ionizing Radiation: Protection and Spill Response
OHS2NRR01 ​Non-ionizing Radiation: Introduction to NIR & Local Regulations
​Non-ionizing Radiation: Laser Safety Training
​OHS2NRU01 Non-ionizing Radiation: Ultrasound Safety Training
Safe Use of Hydrofluoric Acid