NISB Safety



Workplace Safety and Health considerations are reasonably practicable means to provide all staff, partners, students and visitors a health and safe workplace in NTU Institute of Structural Biology.

This message gives all individuals the introductory information on safety at workplace more importantly including laboratory. Laboratory is an environment with variety of hazards or risks that may be physical, chemical, biological, radiation, etc. Thus it demands a high level safety awareness.

The school safety policy is mandatory for all employees and students to attend the safety training, safety briefing or safety orientation before they proceed with their laboratory or physical work activities. Laboratory personnel including post graduate students, will be provided with training programs to meet their specific needs. Undergraduate students are required to participate in the online safety quiz program as well.

NISB has adopted safety rules and regulations which are listed below.​

NISB Safety

  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Objective and Program
  • OHS Guidelines & SOPs
  • Risk Assessment
  • Permit & Licensing
  • Emergency Management
  • Waste Disposal and Management Procedures

The Office of Health and Safety also provides safety information and the university standard operating procedures on its website.

Safety requires all staff members and students to observe correct procedures and practices and to accept their part of responsibility to protect themselves, their fellow workers and school property.

“Be Safe; Respect Danger; and Be Educated"